The Trip To Egypt

It’s done and you can get the Image Series here .

Added many requests in this one. Both for clothes, poses and camera angles. So you can actually call this a fan made image series. 53 images.

Skyla visits the pyramids but get lost in the mazes. When trying to find her way out she finds a hidden room guarded by zombies. It has double penetration, vaginal, anal and oral sex.


As there was requests for gif animation I have tested this and found it to be too heavy on some systems. You can’t go much higher than 320×240 without some systems run the gif animation very slowly – especially in Internet Explore! I have made one in 640×480 but use flash instead and it seems to run fine on all systems. I call them AniLoops as they are just a few animated images running in loops. It took some time to make this. But even though this one is only 18 frames, I had some trouble getting it all to flow naturally and in the right direction. Hopefully this will get easier in the future for me when I get better. But that is entirely up to you if you support this or not.

18 animated frames running in loops.
4 different camera angles.
Includes SWF and EXE files.
You need the free Adobe Flash Player to play these animations ( ).