After Party

New Image Series called the After Party with Gisela and Gomez . 106 images. You can get it here.

This one is a fan based Image Series I have put together for the last 2-3 months based on the mails from “Ideas & Suggestions” . I could have continued it as I still have many pose suggestions left but screaming fans wanted this done NOW :) It has twice the image count of a normal Image series – also cost twice as much. It has lot’s of anal action and dick sucking in it and more. 2 cum shot scenes.

Gisela keeps a monster in her cellar and after a party, she decides to have a little fun with it. But the monster isn’t in the mood for her fun and games and the tables turn quickly.


I have deleted all the mails sent to “Ideas & Suggestions” up until Marts 2013. You can always send a new mail to “Ideas & Suggestions”. Just remember to be specific. Just saying “I want sex scenes!” really doesn’t help me a lot as every Image series have them.

The submission of stories from my last post will end Saturday as they will be reviewed on Sunday.