Corona time

I get a lot of mails asking if I’m ok in this corona time. Thanks, and yes I’m fine. I work from home so not a big issue for me as I can stay away from people while working. So don’t worry – business as usual. Since a lot of people are forced to be home, I have talked to many and also other 3d artists and what we do in this time where we have to stay home. 1 thing I found interesting is, the choice of music we listen to while working. It’s sooooo different. To me it sets me in a mood that actually comes out in the images that I feel the scene needs.  So I can play a song over and over again while creating poses to get the feel out of the scene I want. Awesome!

My playlist is on YouTube and it has over 250 songs. So if you are interested in hearing what I listen to, here’s the top 15 I have right now but this will for sure change fast.


Oh, and a Commission image:

Be safe!