Current project

Got many mails about the monsters for the next project if they are going to be the “green monsters” again :) So just to get that out of the way I can say no to that. Under the city all kinds of monsters are crawling around in the sewers.

So from left to right. You should know “Fat Bastard”. Lots of people want to see him in action again. Then we have a new modified Gosha character called “Grumpy”. And the last one you know from the “Under The City” images. You see him in the end.


Alien Nightmare

Alien Nightmare with Gisela is done and you can get it here.

Again, this was created from several fan suggestions and ideas that was sent in.

A series of 51 images.
While reading a book about alien abductions, Gisela falls asleep and dreams about being abducted by horny aliens using female humans for breeding and as sex toys.
This series has tit fucking, pregnancy, oral, vaginal and anal sex.


Oktoberfest 2015

It’s that time of the year again so I’m off to the last oktoberfest here. Cheers!


Dickgirls 7

Dickgirls 7 is done and you can get it here.
From scene to poses, this one was made from ideas and suggestions from supporting fans. Almost every poses are requests.
I actually had to split it up in 2 as there were different wishes which couldn’t go with just the one story – so 2 was made from the same idea. One with Skyla getting naked without handcuffs (53 images) and one where she keeps her shirt on and still in handcuffs (23 images).

A series of 76 (53+23) images.

After several traffic violations Skyla gets pulled over by the police. She can’t afford any more points on her driver license so she ask the officer if there’s any way she can get out of the ticket. And guess what happens :)

This is 2 image series in 1. First (53 images) Skyla gets naked without handcuffs. Second (23 images) is with handcuffs and open shirt.

This series has kissing, oral, vagina and anal sex.


New projects

I’m still getting lots of mails about when a project is done. So let me quote my own FAQ “There are no time frame on when an image series is done, so don’t bother asking about it”. I even set a percentage of the progress so you know just as much as I do. And since it’s on 95% now I would guess it’s out before Sunday this week. But it’s a guess.

Some have also asked what it takes to get noticed when sending in ideas and suggestion. Well, since the start of this year I have had the option to filter those mails out that comes from people that don’t support me or my work – which sadly is quite a lot. But at least now you don’t have to fight with those people anymore and that’s a big thing as the list was very long before.
Try to avoid what sounds like a personal commission. Or demand 3D objects I don’t have or can’t buy. Sex with animals or underage persons will be skipped. Models/characters I don’t have will also be skipped.
When it comes to poses be sure to link to an image of that pose. Describing it is not enough. If you’re in doubt or need more info about ideas & suggestions just mail me.

So what’s next? Well I have been busy. 3 projects in the works. Next will be Alien abduction.


Then Below The City 2.


Then Dickgirls 8.


All still work in progress.

I already hear some say “What about Candy and Miriam?”. Candy doesn’t have the support for a dedicated image series any more. She faded out some time ago. Same thing with Miriam but she does have more support than Candy although she’s more than twice as hard to pose than Candy due to her “curves”. So both are used as props now as you saw in Below The City. But you can always mail Renderotica to hear when they are going to finish their subscription system, as that would open up for small commission like deals.

I’m back

I’m back and working on Dickgirls 7.  Been a year since the last one.


More work

Still working out of town and it just got extended 4 to 6 weeks. Just home for this weekend and then I’m off again.