What does the pink text in the promo images mean?
This is meant to give a fast overview.

  • Story: This is a series of images that tells a little story in images only. Story and sex images are about 50/50. There’s no text bubbles in any of them! These are 50+ images
  • Mini Story: As above but even shorter – or just playing out a single situation. These are around 25 images.
  • Add-on: These are images added to either “Story” or “Mini Story”. Usually extra sex scenes. These are around 25 images.
  • Nothing: If there’s no pink text, it means they are random sex images not connected to any story.
  • Shop Commissions: These are images created by commissions aimed for the shop. It varies in image count, poses and variations. They usually have between 1 to 4 scenes with or without variations. A new scene number indicates a new pose to a character or characters.

Do you take private commissions?
Yes, you can read more about that on my commission page.

Where are the older models?
Models will be removed and not used anymore when people lose interest in them and don’t support them anymore. Some can still be found for commissions.

When are the next images done?
There is no time frame as to when images are done.

Do you sell your models you make?
No, the morphs and models are not for sale.

How to view jpg files?
Some free image viewers you can find here. I use a free program called JPEGview.