Dickgirls 06

Dickgirls 06 is ready and you can get it here.

It’s an older revised scene where Sara has flat long hair.

A series of 52 images. This series has vaginal,anal and oral sex.

Sara becomes a nun to try to forget about her wild hunger for sex in the old days. But Gisela brings it all back when punishing her after finding a dildo in her room. At first Sara is not too happy about the “punishment” but in the end she takes control like she use to in the old days.

Requirements: Adobe Reader 9 or above.


Rise of The Guardians Part3

Rise of The Guardians Part 3 with Gisela and the monster dickgirl is done and you can get it here.

This is the final part of Rise of The Guardians. Some new facial morphs was used on the dickgirl and a new dick I modeled, rigged and weight mapped is also used and I’m quite happy with the results.

A series of 52 images.
Continuing from Rise of the Guardians Part 2. A monster dickgirl gives Gisela another “adventure” in the dungeon.
This series has double tit fucking, anal, vaginal and oral sex.



Strange things going on at the mental institution…


Royal Party

Royal Party with Sandra is done and you can get it here.

A series of 51 images.
Sandra is at a boring royal party. So to bring a little life back into the party, she decides to have some fun with a waiter.
This series has vaginal,anal,tits and oral sex.



Dusting off some older non finished beta projects and decided to go for it and added a couple of them to the list to finish.  That also include a new girl Sandra. She is made from the user request I had open last year (now closed) where the majority wanted a more Scandinavian looking girl. So I hope I didn’t fuck that up too much.

I still get mails about a VIP section and I can only say I’m still waiting on Renderotica to finish their scripts. A year has past an still nothing. It should have been ready in December 2013, but now there’s no time limit on it, and I haven’t heard anything for months. But I will investigate to see what I can do to set it up on my own.

The FAQ has been updated. If you still think it is missing something let me know.

A pic of Sandra.


Rise of The Guardians Part2

66% done meaning Part 2 of Rise of The Guardians is ready and you can get it here.

You need Adobe Reader 9 or above to view the PDF file (it was Adobe Reader 6+ before).

A series of 50 images.
In this part we see Gisela “battling” 5 monsters. This series has vaginal,anal,tits and oral sex.



New version of a selfie.