The Trip To Egypt 3

The Trip To Egypt 3 is done and you can get it here.

Gisela finds Skyla in action with zombies. To kill them the zombies has to come and Skyla have been working had on that for some time and only 4 zombies left when Gisela joins the “party”.
This is the final part in the series “The Trip To Egypt”. No lesbian show in this one!

A series of 52 images.

Before Skyla and Gisela can escape the pyramid they have to satisfy 4 sex hungry zombies.
This series has tits, oral,vaginal and anal sex.



Next up is Sandra and Walter. Here’s a WIP.




Some have asked if Trip To Egypt 3 would be a lesbian series. Nope – no lesbian. The series is about zombies and this one doesn’t deviate from that route as many have asked for more zombie action.
A preview.

A black voluptuous character has been asked for for a long time now and Maria is now in the works. A couple of more months and she might be ready for action. Still a lot of morphs to make and add before she bends like I want her to.
Here she is compared to Gisela.


Halloween with Gisela is done and you can get it here.

More work than I expected but better late than never.

A series of 84 images.

Trick or treat! 2 goblins dressed in Halloween costumes wants more than candy when Gisela opens the door. This series has some foot fetish, ass licking, tits, oral,vaginal and anal sex.
Gisela starts out to be surprised/shocked but ends up liking it.


Take It Deep

Take It deep with Gisela is done and you can get it here.

This one is from start to end based on the requests and suggestions I have received like big dick, poses, story, non consensual sex and expressions.

A series of 51 images.

Gisela have been caught stealing an artifact from the goblins. They strip her down and put her in some kind of primitive pillory and waiting for “Fat Bastard” to show up to give her the punishment she deserves.


A test image from the next one I’m working on “Halloween”.


The Perils Of Miriam

For the Miriam fans. A 25 image set of Miriam is ready. You can get it here. Note that this set has less images than usual as it’s a fan request!

This set is a followup on the Perils of Miriam posted here. After the Goshas watched her get fucked by the fat guy they now hunt her down to get a piece of the action.

This series has tits,vaginal,oral and anal sex + triple penetration.



A 25 image set is almost done of Miriam as she seems to have the support for that. It continues from the image set posted on my other blog back in 2011. Candy on the other hand doesn’t have the support for a shorter image set.

I have over 200 ideas and suggestions sent to me at this point – and thanks for that. But many are with details that are either impossible to make or take too long to make. So be careful with pointing out too many details that _has_ to be in a set as they might not be possible to make or can be made within the budget. A thumb rule is 1 scene and 2 to 3 characters to get a realistic chance to become an image series.
Things like under age characters,animals and tentacles I stay far away from. When it comes to new monsters I’ll stick to humanoids. I would use fantasy monsters (non humanoids) but there aren’t any for purchase with good textures. At least I haven’t found any yet.

Big dicks seem to be popular. At this point I have kept them “small” enough to fit in a mouth. But some have asked for even bigger which you will see in the next image series with Gisela. “Fat Bastard” is a goblin kind of character with such a big dick.


The Old House

The Old House with Skyla is done and you can get it here.

Some of the suggestions that have been mailed to me are already in this one like the outfit,  some poses and consensual sex.

A series of 50 images.

It was said the old house was haunted. But instead of ghosts, Skyla found 2 horny goblins in the cellar.
This series has tits,vaginal,oral and anal sex.