The Library

The Library with Skyla is done and you can get it here.

A series of 50 images.

Skyla has been watching this guy at the library for some time now. She noticed the big bulge in his pants and often wondered about the size of his dick. Today she will find out!
This series has anal, vaginal, tits and oral sex.

Scene setup

Been spending a long time to setup the scene for the next image series with Skyla. It’s actually a relative simple scene but some modeling needed to be done which in the end Poser refused to output to the rendering engine. So a long time was spent on trial and error which ended up in 4 separate scenes for Poser, and then combining them in the rendering engine. Never done that before but it seems to work.

Here’s a screenshot of the scene before characters are added.


My Precious

My Precious with Selena and Gosha is done and you can get it here.

A series of 51 images.
Selena loves to tease her little fuck toy before she gets fucked. This series has vaginal,anal,tits and oral sex.


Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! And don’t get too drunk tonight :)


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Blackadder_Xmas17 Blackadder_Xmas18
Blackadder_Xmas19 Blackadder_Xmas20

1 day to Xmas day

Blackadder_Xmas13 Blackadder_Xmas14
Blackadder_Xmas15 Blackadder_Xmas16

2 days to Xmas day

Blackadder_Xmas11 Blackadder_Xmas12