Dickgirls 7

Dickgirls 7 is done and you can get it here.
From scene to poses, this one was made from ideas and suggestions from supporting fans. Almost every poses are requests.
I actually had to split it up in 2 as there were different wishes which couldn’t go with just the one story – so 2 was made from the same idea. One with Skyla getting naked without handcuffs (53 images) and one where she keeps her shirt on and still in handcuffs (23 images).

A series of 76 (53+23) images.

After several traffic violations Skyla gets pulled over by the police. She can’t afford any more points on her driver license so she ask the officer if there’s any way she can get out of the ticket. And guess what happens :)

This is 2 image series in 1. First (53 images) Skyla gets naked without handcuffs. Second (23 images) is with handcuffs and open shirt.

This series has kissing, oral, vagina and anal sex.


The Trip To Egypt 3

The Trip To Egypt 3 is done and you can get it here.

Gisela finds Skyla in action with zombies. To kill them the zombies has to come and Skyla have been working had on that for some time and only 4 zombies left when Gisela joins the “party”.
This is the final part in the series “The Trip To Egypt”. No lesbian show in this one!

A series of 52 images.

Before Skyla and Gisela can escape the pyramid they have to satisfy 4 sex hungry zombies.
This series has tits, oral,vaginal and anal sex.



Next up is Sandra and Walter. Here’s a WIP.



The Old House

The Old House with Skyla is done and you can get it here.

Some of the suggestions that have been mailed to me are already in this one like the outfit,  some poses and consensual sex.

A series of 50 images.

It was said the old house was haunted. But instead of ghosts, Skyla found 2 horny goblins in the cellar.
This series has tits,vaginal,oral and anal sex.


Alien Attack

Got my script working again and while I was waiting for that I finished Alien Attack with Skyla which you can get here.

It’s kinda a follow up on “It’s Probing Time” with Gisela I made some time ago as there was some mails asking for more of the alien in a new set. So here it is.

Alien Attack – Featuring Skyla
A series of 51 images. Skyla’s first alien encounter. This series has vaginal,anal,tits and oral sex.


The Library

The Library with Skyla is done and you can get it here.

A series of 50 images.

Skyla has been watching this guy at the library for some time now. She noticed the big bulge in his pants and often wondered about the size of his dick. Today she will find out!
This series has anal, vaginal, tits and oral sex.

AniLoops 3

AniLoops 3 with Skyla is ready and you can get it here.

From Monster Sex 05. Skyla is slowly fucking a Gosha. Very hot!

30 animated frames running in loops
5 different camera angles
Includes SWF and EXE files.

As I already mentioned there’s not much support for animation so there’s no plans for more. Maybe in the future when they get easier to make.

Comments are again open with a big filter list this time. I hope it works. 30+ days old posts are closed for comments to prevent mass spam.

The Trip To Egypt

It’s done and you can get the Image Series here .

Added many requests in this one. Both for clothes, poses and camera angles. So you can actually call this a fan made image series. 53 images.

Skyla visits the pyramids but get lost in the mazes. When trying to find her way out she finds a hidden room guarded by zombies. It has double penetration, vaginal, anal and oral sex.


As there was requests for gif animation I have tested this and found it to be too heavy on some systems. You can’t go much higher than 320×240 without some systems run the gif animation very slowly – especially in Internet Explore! I have made one in 640×480 but use flash instead and it seems to run fine on all systems. I call them AniLoops as they are just a few animated images running in loops. It took some time to make this. But even though this one is only 18 frames, I had some trouble getting it all to flow naturally and in the right direction. Hopefully this will get easier in the future for me when I get better. But that is entirely up to you if you support this or not.

18 animated frames running in loops.
4 different camera angles.
Includes SWF and EXE files.
You need the free Adobe Flash Player to play these animations ( ).