The Summer of 2018

Some bad news. The site owner of Renderotica sadly passed away. This was announced about 3 weeks ago and totally shocked me. The ideas we talked about and the plans we already had made are sadly dropped. No new owners has been announced yet.

But I do hope y’all had a nice summer vacation. Mine just ended and was really more of a working vacation (not porn related). I have never seen a summer this hot before. Holy shit!

I have been trying to updated this site since 2016 but it has always failed every time. But it is time! I mentioned this about 6 month ago. That is why I moved the Membership Galleries to a fresh installation as it might go and take over this site. But in a couple of hours from now a pro will look into it.
So tomorrow we will see if I start my Monday with making porn for you guys or I have to spend my time replacing this site with the Membership Galleries.