New shop

I’ve created my own shop at

This has been under way for a couple of months now. The development on the Membership Galleries at Renderotica is just not happening, so I’m going to try and do it myself. It will be a place to shop for my images, memberships for WIP images, future projects and other stuff, polls, fan suggestions, Site commissions and normal commissions. At least that is plan A 🙂 There’s a plan B too if Plan A doesn’t work as it might seem a bit of a handful. But we’ll see.

Steamy 3D is up and running as a shop now. Verified for credit cards by Verotel. It also has 2 membership plans ready – but disabled at the moment – and also coming is a site commission (more on that later). But we will take 1 thing at a time and just start with the shop first to test the waters before we go full throttle.

Next in the shop will be Dickgirl Pam and Skyla at a photo shoot.