Skyla needs your support

When the support drops for a character that character gets obsolete. Meaning it will not be used anymore. Candy was obvious to me. Extremely little support. Selena also got booted but a commissioner brought her back to life for other commissioners. Miriam also went down the drain. She had a comeback but it’s also dropping fast. But Skyla is dropping faster than Miriam at the moment. So if you want Skyla to continue please support her! Otherwise she is history and only to be found when making a commission.

Remember that it’s the support for a character that will finance the next project with that character. And Skyla needs that support! You can buy her 1 time or 2o times to show your support on Steamy3D.

I had started a projects with her months ago but it got on hold because of the lack if support, so it is now up to you if you want that project finished. Fans have asked me what happened to her in Under The City when she was captured. I started the project but the support was not there to continue it. So it is really up to you now if you want me to finished it. I even added a new monster for that project.