Tia 003

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Image set: Tia + Minivladi

Story: Minivladi is Vladimir’s twin brother ( not identical ). Minivladi is not up to speed on how vampires should act, as he at a young age got separated from his brother many many years ago when their castle got attacked by monsters and burned to the ground. Vladimir managed to escape, but his brother was not so lucky. The monsters took Minivladi and used him as their slave. Only recently Vladimir found the location where the monsters had imprisoned him and took a gruesome revenge. He killed all the monsters and brought Minivladi back home.

Minivladi is not very confident around the opposite sex, so Vladimir asked him to meet him at the Monster Club to learn him a thing or two.

A mix of poses and camera angles.
5 images with cum.
80 images in total.
*strip, vagina and anal penetration, dick sucking, tit fucking.

File types: zip, jpg
File size: 25 MB
Image resolution: 1920 x 1080